Learn How to Fix Quickbooks Error 176109

Quickbooks Software comes with multiple services and features. Quickbooks Point of Sales is one of the services of Quickbooks Software. the Quickbooks Error 176109 occurs when you try activating the Quickbooks POS Software. You might encounter this error because of an Invalid Product number. However, you can easily troubleshoot this error. If you have got this error and need some assistance to troubleshoot this error then read this article till the end.  We have mentioned below some solutions for this error.Quickbooks POS Error 176109

What are the Causes of Quickbooks Error 176109?

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, Below is a list of some more reasons that can cause this error.

  • If the Quickbooks Entitlement folder contains damaged or Corrupted files then you are likely to encounter this error.
  • if you have an Incorrect or expired product key while activating the Quickbooks POS Software then you might get this error.
  • If you are trying to access the Quickbooks POS Software without administrator access then you might encounter this error.

Methods to Fix Quickbooks Error 176109

You can follow the methods mentioned below to troubleshoot this error. However, If you don’t know much about the software and need assistance to troubleshoot this error then you can contact the Quickbooks Professionals.

Method: 1 Repair files in Entitlement Folder

  • Shut down all the running programs and press the Windows+ E key to open the windows explorer screen.
  • Now go to the Intuit folder and open the Quickbooks Folder.
  • Double-click on the entitlement folder and open the V8 folder.
  • Now press the CTRL+A key to select all the files in this folder and then press the delete key.Quickbooks Error 176109
  • Click on “Yes” to confirm the process and then close all the windows.

After this, Open the Quickbooks Software and try accessing the Quickbooks POS Software to check if it’s still showing the error. If it’s still showing the error then you can proceed with the next method given below.

Method: 2 Rename WS Activity File

In order to rename the WS activity file, You need to open the folder where all the Quickbooks Files are stored and then rename the file. After this, Delete the entitlement folder and then check again if the error still persists or not. You can follow the steps given below to rename the WS Activity file.

  • Go to the Windows Explorer screen by pressing the Windows+ E key.
  • Now open the Intuit folder and then go to the POS folder.
  • Locate and select the WS Activity file and right-click on it.
  • Now click on the “rename” option from the drop-down list and then change the name of the file by adding “OLD” at the end of the name of the file.
  • After this, follow the first method to delete the files in the entitlement folder and then restart your device.

Now re-open the Quickbooks Software and check if you can successfully access the Quickbooks POS Software.

Method: 3 Quickbooks Clean Install Tool

If you have already tried the above-mentioned methods but not getting any effective results then you can try performing a clean install of the Quickbooks Desktop. You can download and install the Quickbooks Clean Install tool to uninstall and re-install Quickbooks Software successfully.Quickbooks Error

Step: 1 Quickbooks POS Uninstall
  • Go to the Control panel window and open the Program and features option.
  • Now select the Quickbooks POS Software from the list and then click upon Uninstall/Change option.
  • Now complete the uninstallation process as prompted on the screen.

Step: 2 Change Name of QBPOS Folders

Now you need to rename all the existing QBPOS folders in your device to avoid any kind of issues. Go to the Windows Explorer window and open the Quickbooks Folder. Change the name of all the QBPOS folder by adding “OLD” in the name of the file and close all the windows.

Step: 3 Install Quickbooks POS Software.

Now you can install the QB POS Software again on your device. Follow the instructions as described below:

  • Open a browser window and go to the official website of Intuit.
  • Download the QB POS software and then open the folder where the file is stored.
  • Double-click on the installer file to execute it.
  • Now follow the instructions to complete the installation process.
  • after this activate the software with the Product Key Number.

Step: 4 Restore Backup Files

  • Open the Quickbooks POS Dashboard Window.
  • Click on the File menu and choose the “Create a New Company file” option.
  • Now restore the Quickbooks Company file.

After successfully restoring the Quickbooks Company files, try registering Quickbooks POS Software.

If you can successfully access the POS software then the error has been resolved.  While performing the troubleshooting process, If you have encountered Quickbooks Error 1016 while installing the Quickbooks Software then you can use the Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool to fix this error.

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