Learn How To Troubleshoot Quickbooks Error 12029

Apart from all the benefits of Quickbooks Software, there are some errors that you might encounter while using Quickbooks Software. The Quickbooks Error 12029 is one such error that has been reported by multiple users across the World. this error mostly occurs when you try to update the Quickbooks Software to the latest release or while updating payroll in Quickbooks.  Such errors can interrupt your working hence, you need to troubleshoot this error quickly.Quickbooks Error 12029

For proper functioning of the Quickbooks Software, ensure to keep your software updated to the latest release. If you have encountered this error then you can follow the methods mentioned below to resolve this error. In this article, we will discuss what are the causes or issues that can lead to this error and how you can fix it.

Causes of Quickbooks Error 12029

There could be various possible issues that can cause this Quickbooks Error. Below is the list of some of the prime issues that can trigger Quickbooks Error 12029

  • Any kind of issue or glitch in the functioning of the Quickbooks Software.
  • Incorrect SSL Settings of your browser can also cause this error.
  • If Quickbooks Software is unable to access the server then you might encounter this error.
  • Poor Internet Connection or server issues can be one of the reasons.
  • Unsupported Browser.
  • Connectivity issues can cause Quickbooks error 12029.

How to Resolve Quickbooks Error 12029?

There are three different ways available through which you can troubleshoot this error. We have listed below the detailed method to troubleshoot this error.  You can also contact the Quickbooks Professionals if you need assistance to fix this issue.

Method: 1 Check Internet Connectivity

  • Open a browser window and try accessing a website.
  • If you can successfully access the website then proceed to the next method.
  • In case, it’s showing an error then you need to fix the internet connectivity issue. change the configuration of the router to fix this issue.
  • Check if the date and time of your device are correct or not.
  • now open the internet explorer window and go to the tools menu and click on the Internet option.
  • Now, from the advanced tab, click upon “Restore settings to default” and then click on “Ok” and “apply” to save the changes.

After this, try updating the Quickbooks Software. If the update process is complete then the error has been fixed. However, if you are still getting an error then you can try fixing it with the next method.

Method: 2 Configure Internet Explorer Settings

You will be needed to follow the steps mentioned below to perfectly configure the Internet Explorer settings to successfully update the Quickbooks Software.

  • Close all the running programs and open the Internet Explorer Window.
  • Go to the tools menu and then choose the “Internet” option.
  • Now go to the security tab and ensure that the security level is in-between medium-high.
  • Now move to the connection tab and then mark the “Never Dial A Connection” option if you are using Dial-up Node or enter your ISP address.Quickbooks Error
  • After this, click on the Lan Setting option.
  • Make sure to mark the “automatically detect settings” option.
  • Now mark the “proxy Server” checkbox and then enter your address and port.
  • If the port is 80 then unmark it or for other ports don’t uncheck it.
  • Now click on Ok and then go to the advanced tab.
  • Click on the advanced settings restore option and then mark the “TLS 1.2” checkbox from the settings option.
  • Click on Ok and then close the Internet Explorer window.
  • Now restart your device and try updating Quickbooks Software.

Method: 3 Configure Firewall

In order to fix this, You need to simply download and run the Quickbooks File Doctor tool. You can go to the official website of Intuit and download the tool from there. Now simply run the tool and it will automatically diagnose the issue and open all the firewall ports so that quickbooks can now access the server without any error.

Quickbooks Error Code 12029After this, You can successfully update the Quickbooks Software to the latest release. In case, you are still unable to update the software then you might need to contact the Quickbooks Experts. they will help you with an efficient solution to fix this error.  In case, you have encountered Quickbooks error 176109  while activating Quickbooks POS Software then you need to perform a clean install of Quickbooks Desktop to fix this issue.

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