How to Convert Quicken Data into Quickbooks – Detailed Guide

Want to convert Quicken Data to Quickbooks? Well, you are not alone, as many business and firm owners make use of either QuickBooks or Quicken for managing the financial things of their businesses like accounting and its management. For some reason, in case you do not want the data in Quickens anymore and want to convert the files into QuickBooks then you can use a tool called Quicken Converter. Also, you will not be losing any important data while using this tool.

Intuit came up with a program Quicken Converter through which you can convert Quicken to QuickBooks files very easily and it is also free of cost. Be with us to know every detailed aspect of it and how to convert the Quicken file to QuickBooks without losing essential files. Before going through the process, we will first understand the major differences between Quicken and QuickBooks.

Quicken Vs. QuickBooks

The major difference between Quickbooks and Quicken is that Intuit Quicken manages personal finances and they developed QBs for helping small and medium-sized enterprises. Quicken assists the professionals having a personal business or rental properties in the management of their accounts.

quicken vs quickbooks

Features of QuickBooks

  • Tracking income.
  • Online transactions and payment reminders.
  • Reports customization.
  • Categorization of Transactions and Taxes.
  • Cheque Printing.
  • Tracking Cash flows and Sales.
  • Accessibility in smartphones.
  • Call and chat customer assistance.
  • Generation of profit and loss statements.

Features of Quickens

  • Business and rental sections are separately available.
  • Customization of invoices can be carried out.
  • The mailing facility of rental and business reports.
  • The setting of custom rent reminders.
  • Tracking of rental rates, deposits, and income.
  • Call and chat customer assistance.

Important Points to Know Prior to Conversion of Files

There are some important points to be kept in mind before you go through the process of converting files to QuickBooks.

  • The process can’t be reversed, which means as you convert the company files from Quickens to QBs then there is no revere process to go back. You will not be able to make use of the data in Quicken again.
  • It is advised to always have a data backup that you want to convert.
  • In case you are a Mac user and you need to convert the Mac files then firstly convert all the files into Windows as Quicken does not allow the conversion of the Mac files.

When to Use Quicken Converter Tool?

Though any user can convert Quicken to Quickbooks Desktop very easily by making use of the ‘Utilities’ option yet there are many situations when this option does not work and can’t be used and you are in search of some other alternate solutions.

  • Make sure that the version of Quicken and QBs you are using are not similar then QCT can be used.
  • Let’s start with an example to make this point clearer. You are in no need of the converter tool in the process of converting Quicken files to QBs, in case both the software are having similar versions. You want this tool in case of conversion of Quicken files to QBs when the different visions of software are present. Suppose, you need to convert a Quicken 2020 file into QuickBooks 2021 version, then you need to make use of the Quicken Conversion Tool (QCT).
  • For Mac Users- In case a user wants to convert Quicken files in Mac then this is a little disheartening for you as you will be required to convert the Quicken Mac files to Quicken Windows Files and then you can make use of the tool.

convert quicken data to quickbooks

Method for Converting Files using ‘Utilities’

You can easily carry out the conversion of your files via the in-built Utilities option easily by using the step-by-step procedure below.

  • Access the QuickBooks software and select the option of ‘Files’ from the top menu bar.
  • Go to the option ‘Utilities’.
  • Navigate to Convert From Quicken.
  • Browse for your file and then access QDF (Quicken File) on your PC.
  • Do as per the instructions on the screen and you are done now.

Method to Convert Quicken to QBs via Quicken Converter

  • Firstly, download the Quicken Converter (similar version to QuickBooks).
  • Now, open the downloaded file and agree to the license agreement.
  • Install the Quicken Converter and choose Next.
  • Choose the ‘I am transferring data from Quicken from Windows’ option.
  • Browse for the PDF and select it.
  • Lastly, choose the option ‘Convert’, and the data will be transferred from Quicken to QuickBooks.


The article helps you in understanding the aspects related to the conversion of Quicken to QuickBooks. We are quite optimistic that you will easily convert Quicken to Quickbooks but if you are stuck somewhere, then you are advised to take guidance from an expert in the related field. Also you might face quickbooks update error 15240 while using it then resolve it using our guide.

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